Integrating Awareness with Being

In this life changing course of study we present a ideas to shed light on our inner states. We will explore how we are controlled by the suggestions we buy into from every conceivable source and we will identify and revalue belief systems built on misperceptions and traumatic experiences.

Through 12 progressive lessons, these teachings will bring about an integrated peaceful mind, a new state of joy and discernment revealing the Kingdom of God for your everyday experience.

Through exercises to develop intuition through inner awareness, you will:

Realize your supreme identity and authentic Self
Gain the ability to accept negative experiences without reaction.
Freedom from relationship problems with others and your Self.

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A Student Shares:
"Right away after a few classes I started feeling different about myself. People are relating to me more positively-I am grateful to now see life as a gift and not through depression."
- Debbie B.

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